Energy as a service with flexibility built into the core.

  • Scalable platform for multiple projects
  • Full access to data and unique reports
  • Sell/share with other community solar companies
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Developer flexibility

SunEngine is a fully customizable community solar software solution that enables you to concentrate on what you do best.

Secure, White-Labeled Design

Our white-labeled design enables you to partner with other community solar companies to fill your projects for full flexibility. SunEngine provides the complete “look and feel” and personalization of your brand.

Collaborate with Partners and Vendors

Beyond your own employees, SunEngine allows you to set unique user types for partners and their agents, such as contractors, managers, administrators, salespeople, and other unique teams.

Multi-Tenant Functionality

Whether you are managing a portfolio or a single project, you can customize your dashboard and the customer experience to show the data that matters. This also means an entirely separate and independent database that provides complete privacy and transparency to you.

Configure to Utility Requirements

Enrollment is customized to suit state and utility program requirements, so that customers have the information they need and don’t waste time going through unnecessary steps.

Data and Reporting

SunEngine includes integrated income verification, accounting and sales reporting, and dashboard customization to make management in complex markets easier than ever.

Flexibility for New Markets

SunEngine is ready to adapt to new community solar markets across the United States. Modifiable fields and processes make it easy to spin up new enrollment platforms quickly.

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Subscriber Simplicity

SunEngine was built to serve everyone, not just the select few.

SunEngine serves every type of customer, including low- to moderate-income, small commercial, and anchor subscribers.

Tailored Enrollment

Our platform offers integrated income verification, an easy and clean customer experience, and a customized enrollment process for every sales channel, utility, and type of subscriber. You can also add criteria to pre-qualify subscribers.

Easy Signup Process

Anyone who pays an electric bill deserves easy access to clean energy. SunEngine provides an accessible solution to sign up in just 5 minutes.

MySolar Customer Portal

Through SunEngine’s MySolar portal,customers can access a one-stop-shop to track their savings, adjust accountdetails, and monitor impact.

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